Centre Fundraising Support

Welcome to the Centre Fundraising Support page

The resources below were put together as a response by the fundraising team at FutureDharma to the international coronavirus lockdown. They detail the best practice and key principles for fundraising and are therefore still largely relevant to any fundraising, whether online or in person. We hope you still find something useful below. If you would like more help or guidance FutureDharma can offer bespoke training – see an invitation from them at the bottom of this page.

Documents and Resources

Here are some key resources to support you with online fundraising

Triratna Online Fundraising Toolkit

A comprehensive Triratna Online Fundraising Toolkit, which outlines the key strategy, principles and methods of fundraising from your Sanghas at this time.

Triratna Online Fundraising Toolkit – Version 2

A follow on from the original Toolkit, containing some of the tips that Sanghamani and I shared in our Fundraising webinar, for Telephone, email and “live” online dana appeals.

Un kit de herramientas Triratna para recaudación de fondos online

Un kit completo que resume la estrategia clave, los principios y métodos de recaudación de fondos en vuestras Sanghas durante este periodo.

Comparison of online platforms

A document comparing various online giving platforms and some of the key considerations for choosing a site.

For discussion and sharing any ideas or other resources, please visit Future Dharma’s “Centre Fundraising Forum” on the Buddhist Centre online and follow our page for notifications.


Look out here for future Fundraising training videos.

What, fundraise now?!

Amalavajra, Fundraising Director at FutureDharma Fund, encourages Triratna sanghas that they can not just financially survive the Coronavirus crisis, but even thrive. This means learning a new approach to fundraising, which FutureDharma will help with.

Making Online Dana Appeals

Kusaladevi, Centre Fundraising Support Trainer at FutureDharma Fund, outlines some key points to consider when making online Dana Appeals.

Sample Dana Appeal

Kusaladevi, Centre Fundraising Support Trainer at FutureDharma Fund, demonstrates what a “live” online Dana Appeal might look like.


FutureDharma also offers bespoke one off training to guide you through making a centre appeal and any specifics around fundraising in your particular situation. There is no charge for these sessions; we are keen to share our the knowledge and expertise gained through our own work and training. So please do ask for one if you feel it would be helpful.

Contact us at fundraising@futuredharma.org