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Welcome to the Gratitude and Giving Evening support page

It’s great you’ve decided to present a Gratitude and Giving Evening (GGE) in your study group. These evenings are excellent ways to connect people with gratitude for their practice and for our worldwide movement and with the vital role played by FutureDharma in supporting our movement,  You’re going to be well supported in getting prepared for the evening. Everything you’ll need is found on this page and it’s a really good idea to meet with Varabandhu after going over the material below as he will answer any questions or concerns which may arise.

Step 1: Presenters Notes

Download and print to prepare the evening

Presenters Notes: How to Run a Gratitude and Giving Evening (GGE) in your Mitra study group

These are your presenter notes. You can get an overview AND all the content of the evening from these notes. If your group is an online group and you need guidance with screen sharing on Zoom please contact us via

Step 2: Tutorial Videos

Watch the 8 tutorial videos below to get a sense of what you are trying to do with each section of the evening.

Tutorial 1


Tutorial 2

Setting up & Introducing

Tutorial 3

World Problems

Please note this video refers to a section that is no longer part of the suggested presentation.

Tutorial 4

Effectiveness of Spritiual Community

Tutorial 5

Gratitude & Kattanuta Bhavana

Tutorial 6

Expressing Gratitude 

Tutorial 7

Introducing & Promoting Future Dharma

Tutorial 8

Deciding whether to give & Making the pledge 

Step 3 – Downloads and print outs

Download these 2 items onto your laptop to play on the evening

Kattanutta Bhavana MP3

FutureDharma Fund Projects Video

Print Out Pledge Forms To Distribute On The Evening

Pledge Form

Please print off enough of these pages to ensure you have at least one pledge form for everybody in your group. There are four pledge forms on each page so you will also need to cut them up.

Step 4 – Feedback after the event

Feedback Form

Once the evening is over please fill out this short survey. Your feedback will help us ensure these evenings are as positive experience as possible

We really hope you enjoy preparing and presenting the evening. Thanks for giving your time and energy to this! It will really make a difference.

Any questions? Do get in touch with me at

All warm regards

FutureDharma Fund GGE Co-ordinator